Is pottery safe in the dishwasher? How about the microwave? Oven?

Yes to all! All stoneware pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe. The only exception to this is our Raku- fired pieces that are meant for only decorative use.  

When used for oven baking, do not preheat the oven. Place pottery in a cold oven. Extreme temperature changes should be avoided. All of our glazes are lead free.

Do you take special orders?

Yes we do! Please refer to the special order tab in our "about" section for extensive information regarding special orders.

Do you ship?

Yes. Here's how: we carefully pack your pottery using the double-boxing method which we have found is the safest way to ship pottery. This ensures that there is enough padding to absorb heavy movement of the package and will protect the pottery in the event the outer package is bent or punctured. We then take the package to UPS or the post office for shipping, depending on what we feel will most cost efficient. Your credit card will be charged for the shipping fee plus 10% of the pottery price for packing and handling. (For example, if your pottery was $25, the packing fee is $2.50) After we ship the item, we will send you an email (or phone call if you prefer) letting you know the exact shipping charge and when the package is due to arrive.

Do you teach classes?

The group pottery classes and pottery camps we have offered in the past through the Carwile-Dodson studio are now being held at the Transylvania Community Arts Council. To see the schedule of classes, or for more information, you may visit or call 828-884-2787.

When they are available, potters in our studio do offer private lessons in either wheel-throwing or hand-building. To make arrangements for individual or group lessons, call us at (828) 884-5131. Please try to call at least a few weeks in advance - this will make it more likely that we will be able to provide a lesson. Our lessons are 2 hours and include all materials and firing. Prices are as follows:

1 person: $100

2 people: $90 per person

3 people: $80 per person

Groups of 4 or more: $70 per person


Throwing on the potter's wheel