Wedding Registries at Mud Dabber's...

If you are interested in creating a registry we are happy to work with you! It is always best if you are able to make an appointment and come into the shop in person so  that we can discuss all the possibilities. You may choose from any of the pieces we have in the gallery, or choose to have a potter create a custom registry for you. Being here in person ensures that you are able to choose colors and styles that you prefer (pictures often do not translate glaze colors well) and discuss with the potter what is possible.

After a registry is created, we create a list of the items and put them on our website so that guests can view what is available and the prices. When possible, we will also post pictures. Guests can then call the shop and process the payment over the phone. When an item has been purchased, we will then let the couple know what purchases have been made and from whom.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, just give us a call!